Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Let us dive into a special kind of rain this time. Enjoy some rain poems from my collection of Haiku, one of the most important modes of Japanese poetry. The painting seen above is a Haiga, means Haiku painting, by Zolo. Zolo is very famous for his Haiga as well as Haiku. You can find some of his beautiful Haiga at . Well, let the rain comes. Have a nice time.

>>Matsuo Basho

>Spring rain

leaking through the roof

dripping from the wasps' nest

>From now on
a nameless traveller;
winter's first rain.

>>Shiki Masaoka
Night; and once again,

the while I wait for you,
cold wind
turns into rain.

>>Soen Nakagawa
>Sound of mountain
sound of ocean
everywhere spring rain.

>Soft spring rain-
since when
have I been called a monk?

>>Vic Johnson
The clouds bring sadness
Sadness because the sun's gone

Rain filled with sorrow

Richard Lawrence Cohen
>Rain on my windshield.

What a small thing a life is:

pages, photos, tears.

>Picking up the kids
early on a rainy day

is all we can do.

>Halloween downpour:
Costumes under umbrellas.

“I’m scared of thunder.”

>>Daniel Trent
>up to my wrists

in the washing up bowl -

watching the rain

>a sliver of moon
rain on the dormer window -

summer evening

>rain speckles
the dusty window -


>>Morten Paulsen
An island song

Like a floating river

Rain Rain Fall Fall

>>Jack Kerouac
>After the shower

among the drenched roses

the bird thrashing in the bath.

>Snap your finger

stop the world -

rain falls harder.

>>Ed Brown

A gentle rain settles the dust.
A cool refreshing breeze cleans the air.
Breath absorbed breath.
The ancient sand castles are nowhere to be found.


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Tom, I'm deeply honored to be included in this group. Thank you. Among the modern ones I especially like Trent's "up to my wrists" and Paulsen's "An Island Song." And Kerouac of course.

Best wishes to my first reader (I think) from Kerala! A most interesting place, from what I've read.

ajaykumar said...

hi tom,
your blog is a nice place. very interesting. thanks for the haiku. expect more of this sort in coming days.
best wishes

Anonymous said...


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