Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Mr. E. Santhosh kumar is not a 'sradheyanaya yuva sahityakaran'! So, I believe, he may never be able to get the 'importance' of some 'yuva' breed, who used to get more awards than the number of works published. But, I believe, he writes stories which are honoured in the minds of real readers. Now his latest collection of stories is out: CHAVUKALI. It is released at Thrissur by noted critic Mr. V.C. Sreejan.
I liked almost all the stories in his collections 'Moonnu Andhanmar Aanye Vivarikkunnu' and 'Chavukali'. (I am yet to read his first book 'Galapagos'. ) His stories are painted in black, but in a very colourful way. They are really light as well as very heavy. I like this double edged craftsmanship. Double cheers Santhosh!
Here is a note on 'Chavukali' by the painter-writer Ms. KAVITHA BALAKRISHNAN.

‘Chavukali’ is the third short story collection of the new generation Malayalam story writer, E.Santhosh Kumar. This collection has eleven stories, all projecting a hitherto untapped black human life with a tinge of ironic humor in all. Most of the stories present a cross section of people in our contemporary life that can claim no great hallowed entries in their bio data and personal history.

These people have jail life, parole, gunda –ism as entries characterizing their life but all these identifiers are used for yet another crime that is justifiable in a smart twist of effective story writing (‘Chavukali’).
But there are some ‘other worlds’ -superficially peaceful skyscraper life where even a death doesn’t leave any mark other than the chalk circles drawn by the police( ‘oru maranam, niravadhi maranangal’) –
The deadly tranquility with which generations pass their hobbies possessions and knowledge (‘Thadakam’) –
The polar male-female opposites that experience body-centered lacks that are always expressed in much convoluted manner through contradictory symbols and dialogues ( ‘Chekka’)-
The ambiguities created in natural orders of life of those who mingle with ‘nature’ by those who make use of ‘nature’ for new systems of capital and production (‘Kattadimarangal’)
The dark world of a father and son who deal with dead bodies in railway tracks (‘Kankettukatha’),
different class relationships that men establish with snakes for a living (‘Sarppasathram’)
A systematic and symbolic recuperation of feudal personal history that politically shows revolutionary ideals and modern attitudes as only some ‘decade long’ interludes in an untamable history of unseen symbolic power traditionally exerted over human vulnerability. (‘Chitrapurushan’)

E.Santhoshkumar approaches his subjects directly through a dialogic language that terribly actualizes many hidden realities and impure logics of life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the words of praise literally showered on me. I am honoured and feel a little "heady" by this.
So we will meet today, till then

E. Santhosh Kumar

suneethatv said...

Dear Tom
E Santhoshkumar's new collection CHAVUKALI is really worth reading.I appreciate the way , the easeness with which he handled voilence.Its like an unexpected touch on your neck by a cold knife ...THADAKAM is a wonderful lyric.I feel that many writers try to tell the same story in many ways.That too around their on familiar world.But santhosh is really different.He tries to walk through the margins of life.But I want to remind him politely that there are a lot more remains!
I wish him all the best

Suneetha T V

Anonymous said...

I think we should be more crytical about Santhosh's Stories.He is neither a beginner,nor a novice.He may be your friend but, is it fare to praise him? You have to encourage newcomers,not established writers.